These standards affect your practice newsletter; depending on what surveyors say and what you want [Click HERE to see these.]

This information IS COMPULSORY on your Health News (Standard 1.2: Practice Information – click HERE to view)

  • Practice address and telephone number(s).
  • Consulting hours.
  • Arrangements for out-of-hours care, including contact telephone number.
  • Practice billing principles.
  • Your communication policy, including receiving and returning phone calls and electronic communication.
  • Management of patient health information (principles and how to get a copy of your Privacy Statement or medical records).
  • How your practice follows-up results (who will contact whom and by when).
  • How to provide feedback or complain to the practice, including how to contact the relevant health complaints conciliation body.

WE RECOMMEND this as well, to enhance your practice, if space permits (but it is not compulsory for accreditation).

  • Names of clinicians working in your practice and their special interests.
  • Names of other staff providing clinical care (with their consent; e.g. Practice Nurse, first name only?).
  • How and when to book a longer consultation.
  • Arrangements for home and other visits.
  • Health promotion and prevention services (reminder systems).

It is all up to you! Please be aware that type size should cater for those with poor eyesight (RACGP recommendation).

STOP PRESS: You can now have Paying Promotions in Health News

Some of our practices allow nearby physios, pharmacies, etc to promote helpful services to patients (e.g. wheelchair hire, back care classes).

This is perfectly acceptable and may cover the costs of your newsletter! We can add a disclaimer that places your practice a safe distance from the service provider.

It’s simple. All promotions should meet the MBA Code of Conduct (see www.amc.org.au), which agree with ACCC requirements, that is:

  • Information should be accurate and verifiable.
  • Make only justifiable claims about the quality of services or outcomes.
  • Do not guarantee cures, exploit patient fears, or raise unrealistic expectations.
  • Do not offer inducements or use testimonials.
  • Avoid unfair or inaccurate comparisons with other service providers.

Note. These notes carefully prepared after consultation with AGPAL, GPA, RACGP and the AMA – current and accurate, as of last review (July 2012). To download a summary PDF click HERE