Attract the Right Patients
Give Health News to patients with problems or family members linked to the doctor’s special interests. As they pay their account, hand them a copy, “Please enjoy one of our health newsletters”.

Target Your Information Wisely
Use key information to ensure the smooth running of your practice – areas where problems arise, whether billing arrangements, surgery hours, appointment procedures, telephone contact or suchlike.

Run a Campaign
Use Health News in a neighbourhood letter drop or mail-out to selected patients in your database. We can print on each newsletter the most relevant information (eg. health checks, vaccination programs, well men checkup, diabetes clinic).

Cut Cost – Sponsorship Idea 1
Ancillary health care providers can promote themselves and still meet accreditation guidelines. A local pharmacy, physiotherapist, psychologist, dietitian, etc will often be interested and have something worthwhile to offer patients (e.g. nebuliser rental, home medication reviews, diabetes advice, marriage counselling, etc).

Cost Cut – Sponsorship Idea 2
Specialist groups probably have a strong working relationship with your practice. They may welcome the opportunity to express their appreciation through sponsorship of your Health News, no strings attached.

Get Personal
Patients appreciate the personal touch. You could introduce a new doctor or member of staff with a personal profile. Write up special events. Use the practice logo.

An Add-on for Recalls and suchlike
Include the newsletter when mailing out health recall reminders for Pap smears etc. It creates goodwill and improves compliance. If you still do home visits, leave a copy, as it will be greatly appreciated by the elderly and infirm.

Patient Information Pack
Adding Health News to your patient pack for new patients is a colourful and welcoming way to build goodwill and loyalty.

If you have leftover newsletters, for whatever reason, and want to use these effectively, click HERE