James Knox (BSc) is the Operations Manager of Health News. James assists our clients through the publishing process, whist running the day-to-day operations. You can contact James at

Dr Rob McEvoy (MBBS, DA, DipRACOG, FACNEM) is the Medical Editor. He helps compile the content from reputable sources such as medical journals and tries to write it to our audience in a way that is “as informative and entertaining as possible”. He has wide experience in medical journalism, including writing for health consumers.

Jenny Heyden (RN) is a founding partner of Health News. Jen develops newsletter content and manages the accounts. Her contribution to content is based on her wide nursing and publishing experience.

Kosterich Joe Dr_Sep15
Dr Joe Kosterich helps with the writing of articles in Health News, to keep the practical relevance of the newsletter high. Joe is a practising GP with wide experience in meeting health consumer needs.

Michelle Pierre our graphic designer is able to create whatever customer design your imagination will allow.

Optima Press has been a long-term partner of Health News and this relationship allows us to have a direct interaction with the quality control of the product.